Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Protocol Reminder 07/09/2014

This weeks protocol reminder is borrowed from the website I have deleted some things and changed a coupl to better fit our MM
These are some things for you, as a Motorcycle Ministry member, to consider when dealing with motorcycle clubs. They are also things to consider if and when you are going to be around motorcycle clubs.
1. Patchholders are people too. They have good and bad days, they have jobs, families, and normal everyday problems and concerns just like anyone else. There are those who no matter what you say or do, it will not be right with them. Just like with any group, you will find both good and bad.
2. Protocol and Respect are primary rules when dealing with a motorcycle club patchholder.
If you are FORMALLY introduced to a patchholder, make sure either the person doing the introduction (or you) make sure they know what ministry you belong to & if you are an officer, what position you hold. Under no circumstances do you interrupt to correct a mistake while that person is introducing you or while they are talking. Wait till the introduction is done & politely introduce yourself correctly. i.e.….
Joe Rider, xxxxxxxxxxxx Riding Club, 1st Officer, Anytown Chapter.
Fred Spokes, Anystate Officer, xxxxxxxxxxxxx Riding Club
(Use your name - not your nickname. Nicknames may come later.)
3. Greet them as you would meet anyone else & wait until the offer is made to shake hands.(If they shake hands with you it is a sign of respect to unglove before shaking hands.) DO NOT interrupt, wait for them to recognize you. DO NOT be offended or make a big deal if they do not offer to shake your hand. Many times they want to get to know about you and your ministry a little better before they will offer to shake your hand.
4. Never, Ever, Lie. You can refuse to answer a question in a polite manner by saying something like, "That seems like ministry business, and I would like to refer that to one of our officers in order to get better information for you." Be prepared to answer questions about what your ministry is about. Such as....
A.) "We are a ministry & not a motorcycle club and have no intention of ever trying to become a motorcycle club".
B.) The Patch is earned.
C.) No dues or Dues - as applicable.
D.) All makes and models of motorcycle are welcomed. Or it's a brand specific or special requirements club.
E.) We are a non-territorial ministry.
F.) We are a neutral MM and do not wear any MC support patches.
G.) Women riders are welcomed
K.) Do NOT brag about how large the local or national membership is.
L.) Do not volunteer ministry info. If they ask a question about the local chapter answer it if you can. If they start asking questions about the number of members, or the National chain of organization refer them to one of the ministry Officers.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Reminder of the week:

 I know wearing your patch in the cage is ok in different states and clubs, but in CRMM no Circuit Rider may wear his cut in a cage. You must remove it before entering the vehicle and you may put it on after exiting the vehicle. 
Since that one is short and simple, I'll do another. The Road Captain. The chapter Prez should really consider and pray about who he makes as the chapter Road Captain, When on a ride the Road Captain is in charge. Do as he says. If you do not agree with him, do it anyway or leave the ride. You may question him later after the ride, if your not satisfied after talking to him, then go with him to your Prez or if you are the chapter Prez to the next in your Chain of command. The Road Captain is responsible for the safety of everyone on the ride. He hopefully knows everyone on the ride and the ability of the weakest rider and has planned the ride accordingly. He has picked the safest route, the safest fuel stops and he knows his peoples allergies or other possible problems such as Diabetes or low blood sugar. If the ride is long enough for meal or overnight stops, he hopefully has worked with the chapter coordinator to make these plans. He has provided the chapter with training on the use of hand signals and riding in groups. He is within his rights to do a walk around inspection of the bikes and notify you of any potential problems on your ride. If he feels your bike is a safety concern, such as slick tires, he can ask you to ride at the very back or not to go on the ride at all. Please be respectful of the RC and his job as it is to protect you and all who ride in your group.

CRMM Group Ride Protocol

If you show up for a CRMM ride without your cut, you are to ride to the rear of any patch wearing members present regardless of your position.

Order of ride should be:
 CRMM patch wearing officers (The ranking patch wearing officer present may honor officers of another patch by asking them to ride in front with our officers.)
CRMM  patch wearing members
 patch wearing seekers 
wearers of a different patch
those not wearing their patch and independents. 

Friday, June 7, 2013


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Riding For Jesus,

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Family Reunion

Last week Circuit Riders descended on the Texas/Mexico border from all directions. It was the first time I've made it to the mission house during a Circuit Rider event in a few years. We saw members that we are accustomed to seeing at the border, but this time we saw lots of new faces there as well. I enjoyed spending time there with all of you. I know it was a long ride and cost some of you for having to take time off of work, but I hope you all found it worth it. I love the mission house, that property truely is "Holy Ground", I hope while there you had the opportunity to get alone in the quiet there and listen for God to speak to you. We've had our camp outs in many locations throughout Texas and Louisianna, but it was special to have it at the heart of our ministry. Please pray for our mission team and that the Lord continues to provide for them and the property. I took in indirect route to the camp out, so I could visit mom and Pa and hook up with Robert and Linda McCurdy for the ride down. It took 2 days and almost 1200 miles to get there going down. I really wanted to ride home in 1 day though in an all out "Stampede" style run. The Stampede is an annual race from southern California to North Carolina. It's not so much about your speed as it is your determination. No bike can run wide open or at triple digit speeds for that long of an endurance race. You must stay in the saddle and make quick fuel stops, grabbing a bite to eat when you can. I shared my desire to do this with Mississippi Prez Quincy "Flyboy" Dalton and he wanted in. We agreed to ride together to Shreveport and then split off for our homes. We had pouring down rain the first half of the trip, slowing our time some what but we stayed in the saddle and pressed on. We hit more rain as we neared our split off point. After making it through Shreveport we both had dry road for the remainder of our rides. We both made it home in about 17 hours and both rode about 900 miles. I had a blast! Thank you Quincy for joining with me on this personal challenge. Everyone get ready for next year!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Circuit Riders Hearrt

As I work on the CRMM website, I go through a lot of old pictures, videos, blogs etc.and they just bring back so many good times with so many of my CRMM family. Some aren't here anymore because they've finished the race, others have left the ministry for one reason or another, but so many of you just keep on keeping on. I love all of you for what you do for the Kingdom of God and for bikers and motorcycle enthusiast everywhere. Keep up the good work and God bless you all. Rev RedBeard